Design Submission for bloom Daily Planners

I don’t know if you know this about me, but I love planners. For every project, I have a binder or notebook. In college, I used my Franklin Covey binder to organize classes, work, trips, events, etc. For my daily life now, I have custom-designed a planner using the Arc discbound system from Staples. Because I’m just a little crazy. If you search the hashtag #prettyplanner or #planneraddict on Instagram, you will see gorgeous examples of people who also share an affinity for the throwbacks of a Filofax. I’m not that insane. If I’m feeling really nutty, I’ll use a different color of pen.

bloom planner submission :: jslettering.comAnyway, I had the opportunity to design a cover for a company called bloom Daily Planners, and my submission was one of six to be chosen for the final round! If I win, it means my design will grace the front-most page of a tool used by (apparently, so many) others for the rest of 2016. I also get some cash, which, can’t be beat AND. AND planners for life. Yes, that’s right. If my design is liked, commented, shared the mostest, I will get a new planner from bloom each year for the rest of my days. I don’t think I can describe how amazeballs that would be.

If you are so inclined to help a sister out, head over to their Facebook and Instagram pages and vote for your old pal, Jamie of JS Lettering and @jamieisntcrazy. If you’re not familiar with my style (which I’m being told is recognizable (WIN RIGHT THERE!!), my design is number 3.

bloom contest submission :: jslettering.comThanks once more for all of your support!!

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