I’m Bad At Blogging

I’m bad at blogging. This fact has been established. I don’t think it’s because I don’t like writing or because I don’t have moderately researched opinions. It’s not because I think I’m boring. (I really don’t.) It may be a little bit because I’m afraid to fail at yet another thing (the measure of failure being that it’s not a booming success quickly).

It’s probably because I have watched videos and read articles and listened to podcasts and subscribed to newsletters all purporting to have the magical answer to how to run a successful money-earning blog. They tell me (rather vaguely actually) what I need to do, and following those rules kinda sorta bum me out.

I just want to talk about what everyone actually wants to talk about: myself. The dumb things my kids say and the things I’m excited about that have nothing to do with anything. I just want to talk and connect and be fucking real.  Because that’s how I am with everything in real life. Why would I try to tailor myself online just to get clicks? Oh, I remember now: income. That’s right… Oh well. I’m clearly not doing it any other way, so let’s give this a whirl.

Maybe my readers read through nodding their heads yelling “preach!” sometimes. Maybe they adamantly, viscerally don’t relate. Maybe a reaction in between. And that’s just perfect for me.

When I had a motherhood blog (some of you might remember) back in 2010-2012ish, it was largely about my kids. Now that I have a blog attached to my platform as an artist, my brain wants it to be mostly art stuff with some life sprinkled in that makes me “relatable” to my audience. I feel like I might not have enough of just one thing to talk about one hundred percent, so I’m going to talk about all the things. Why the heck not?

See you soon.

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