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giveaway :: One of my favorite things to do is re-imagine old crap into something new and beautiful. Seriously, every time I hit the thrift store or see a dilapidated piece of weather-worn furniture on the curb, my mind begins racing. I rarely know what exactly a thing will become when I take it home, but, for the right price (free curb finds, yes please!) I will gleefully take it home and marinate on the future life’s purpose of what was once a discarded piece of trash. My mother-in-law hates shopping with me because she is the complete opposite. If it doesn’t serve the purpose as is, she won’t go for it– even color! I am constantly encouraging her to paint everything. That’s probably why her house looks far more put-together than mine…

Anyway! What am I babbling about? Right. I found this sad, rotten dresser on trash day a couple of months ago. I couldn’t believe my good fortune that someone hadn’t already snatched this baby off the curb! What do you mean, not everyone dumpster dives for pleasure? Oh… Well, I felt like a winner that day. The drawers were missing or nonfunctional. It was cobwebby, damp and caked with mud. It had clearly been sitting unused and unnoticed for a while. Despite the obvious surface ugliness though, it had good structure, real wood and darling fountain detailing.

before coffee bar ::

The happy ending is that that single trash-pick yielded a dozen reclaimed wood handlettered signs and a sweet coffee bar that I don’t want to sell, but I am going to because if I keep everything I make, I won’t have the money to make more stuff. Plus, I have no more room in my flea-market of a house for any more stuff. Who am I kidding? I will always have room for more stuff.

reclaimed wood signs :: jslettering.comThe whole point of this little tale is to say that I have two signs left from this project, and I am giving them away, one on Facebook and one on Instagram. The rules are simple– and you can find them here and here. Winners will be drawn on Sunday!

giveaway ::

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