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Hello and welcome to the latest of my bimonthly updates about my business! In the past month, I have been feverishly working to add inventory to five separate outlets. There is, of course, Etsy, as there has always been. I have also been stockpiling reclaimed wood signs for my local markets, Rustique, Lost & Found Vintiques and my very first craft fair at Alvin’s Frontier Days.

And, most recently, my Artist Shop through Threadless has officially opened! Threadless is one of my favorite t-shirt sites. They boast funny, unique t-shirts, designed and submitted by regular, awesome artists. In a break from their traditional print-by-vote paradigm, they’ll print whatever I upload into my own shop. Hooray! Right now, it’s just t-shirts, but there is talk of tote bags, prints and phone cases coming soon! So, I get to do the fun part (the designing) and they handle the fulfillment, shipping and customer service. Win-frikin-win. | feminist killjoy | long feminist rants | made in vagina | pete seeger | soft kitty


Design Submission for bloom Daily Planners

I don’t know if you know this about me, but I love planners. For every project, I have a binder or notebook. In college, I used my Franklin Covey binder to organize classes, work, trips, events, etc. For my daily life now, I have custom-designed a planner using the Arc discbound system from Staples. Because I’m just a little crazy. If you search the hashtag #prettyplanner or #planneraddict on Instagram, you will see gorgeous examples of people who also share an affinity for the throwbacks of a Filofax. I’m not that insane. If I’m feeling really nutty, I’ll use a different color of pen.

bloom planner submission :: jslettering.comAnyway, I had the opportunity to design a cover for a company called bloom Daily Planners, and my submission was one of six to be chosen for the final round! If I win, it means my design will grace the front-most page of a tool used by (apparently, so many) others for the rest of 2016. I also get some cash, which, can’t be beat AND. AND planners for life. Yes, that’s right. If my design is liked, commented, shared the mostest, I will get a new planner from bloom each year for the rest of my days. I don’t think I can describe how amazeballs that would be.

If you are so inclined to help a sister out, head over to their Facebook and Instagram pages and vote for your old pal, Jamie of JS Lettering and @jamieisntcrazy. If you’re not familiar with my style (which I’m being told is recognizable (WIN RIGHT THERE!!), my design is number 3.

bloom contest submission :: jslettering.comThanks once more for all of your support!!

instagram/facebook giveaway

giveaway :: One of my favorite things to do is re-imagine old crap into something new and beautiful. Seriously, every time I hit the thrift store or see a dilapidated piece of weather-worn furniture on the curb, my mind begins racing. I rarely know what exactly a thing will become when I take it home, but, for the right price (free curb finds, yes please!) I will gleefully take it home and marinate on the future life’s purpose of what was once a discarded piece of trash. My mother-in-law hates shopping with me because she is the complete opposite. If it doesn’t serve the purpose as is, she won’t go for it– even color! I am constantly encouraging her to paint everything. That’s probably why her house looks far more put-together than mine…

Anyway! What am I babbling about? Right. I found this sad, rotten dresser on trash day a couple of months ago. I couldn’t believe my good fortune that someone hadn’t already snatched this baby off the curb! What do you mean, not everyone dumpster dives for pleasure? Oh… Well, I felt like a winner that day. The drawers were missing or nonfunctional. It was cobwebby, damp and caked with mud. It had clearly been sitting unused and unnoticed for a while. Despite the obvious surface ugliness though, it had good structure, real wood and darling fountain detailing.

before coffee bar ::

The happy ending is that that single trash-pick yielded a dozen reclaimed wood handlettered signs and a sweet coffee bar that I don’t want to sell, but I am going to because if I keep everything I make, I won’t have the money to make more stuff. Plus, I have no more room in my flea-market of a house for any more stuff. Who am I kidding? I will always have room for more stuff.

reclaimed wood signs :: jslettering.comThe whole point of this little tale is to say that I have two signs left from this project, and I am giving them away, one on Facebook and one on Instagram. The rules are simple– and you can find them here and here. Winners will be drawn on Sunday!

giveaway ::

designs for wildlife

Hey, everyone!

My sister works for a wildlife rescue in Virginia, and she asked me to doodle some new designs for merchandise to sell. They are working on building a new state of the art clinic and education facility to replace the 200-year-old cottage they’ve been working out of for ten years. I was happy to help. We came up with some fun designs incorporating both animals and puns.

teespring wild and free blue new teespring fox say new teespring awesome possum

If you’re interested in helping a good cause (100% of the proceeds go directly to the center for their fundraising efforts), visit to order one the designs on a shirt, mug, tote, hat or t-shirt for your dog!

Thanks, friends.



Hey, y’all!! I’m obviously still working through what I want this blog to be all about, but I wanted to let the interwebs know that I am running a coupon in my Etsy store for the next two weeks. Type in HAPPYSPRING in the coupon field when ordering between now and next Saturday to get 15% off your purchase. This includes items that are already on sale, like these handmade pillowcases as well as custom orders and newly made magnets!

Please contact me with custom inquiries and follow me on Instagram to see what I’m working on!

Thanks for love, babes.

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