merry everything, y’all!!

copyright jamie sebby 2015 |

Hi, everyone! We’re in the last few days of the year, and, much like everyone else, I plan to make some personal and business improvements in 2016.

In addition to the cliche work out more, manage time better, save up money, blah blah blah adulting, I have some work-related things going on. First of all, I am converting all my Etsy listings to digital downloads. From now on, when you order artwork from me through Etsy, it will become available for you to save onto your computer and have printed through an online printing service like Shutterfly, Tiny Prints or an in person photo service like Costco or Walgreens. Wherever possible, select the heaviest paper in a matte finish. The print shouldn’t cost more than $3-4 for an 8×10, or less if you have a store coupon!

The reasons behind this shift are threefold.

  1. My husband doesn’t have to go to the printer’s for me. He works in the same building, so I ask him to pick up orders for me once or twice per week. He doesn’t like doing it. Boo-frickin-hoo.
  2. I hate the post office. Shipping is far more expensive than it should be (although even paying more doesn’t guarantee it won’t get lost), and often, I forget to go until the very last minute.
  3. It’s cheaper, faster and easier for everyone involved.

Soon after the new year, I’ll be rolling out a new venture with Threadless Artists Shops. You will be able to order my ready made designs as prints, t-shirts, totes, phone cases, et cetera, but Threadless handles order fulfillment. I am ALWAYS available to collaborate with you on custom orders. There will just be one more way to get a fun design you love on a product you will use! Yay!

Anyway, that’s enough for now. Hope your season has been merry as feck, and that you are looking forward to a new year as much as I am!