threadless artist shop

Hello and welcome to the latest of my bimonthly updates about my business! In the past month, I have been feverishly working to add inventory to five separate outlets. There is, of course, Etsy, as there has always been. I have also been stockpiling reclaimed wood signs for my local markets, Rustique, Lost & Found Vintiques and my very first craft fair at Alvin’s Frontier Days.

And, most recently, my Artist Shop through Threadless has officially opened! Threadless is one of my favorite t-shirt sites. They boast funny, unique t-shirts, designed and submitted by regular, awesome artists. In a break from their traditional print-by-vote paradigm, they’ll print whatever I upload into my own shop. Hooray! Right now, it’s just t-shirts, but there is talk of tote bags, prints and phone cases coming soon! So, I get to do the fun part (the designing) and they handle the fulfillment, shipping and customer service. Win-frikin-win. | feminist killjoy | long feminist rants | made in vagina | pete seeger | soft kitty


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