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Hi, have we met? I’m Jamie, and I have no shame in taking things off the curb on trash day. People where I grew up had no problem tossing that water-stained coffee table or three-legged chair out the front door for the garbage man to haul away. I, however, have a knack for seeing things for their potential and not just their flaws.

When we were in Idaho, I don’t know why, but there was little to no curb finds the entire nine years I lived there. I don’t know if people were handier at fixing stuff, hoarders or more likely to resell or donate rather than simply trash a piece of furniture. Whatever the reason, I relied heavily on garage sales and thrift stores to fuel my need to paint the furniture. Or, as my husband would tell it, to fill our garage with defunct junk.

Texas is like my childhood all over again. Did someone just replace a closet door? That old ugly bi-fold is on the street come Monday. Has a dresser been sitting on a neighbor’s back porch for several seasons, taking in the rain and wind and sun? It stands pathetic and ready for the dump. Has a child’s dangerous drop-side crib been sitting in the garage, taking up space for years that a car should really be occupying? It’s there in the morning, next to bags of refuse and a beat up file cabinet.

That’s why I love Mondays. I’m not ashamed to spot something with potential as I’m driving by, back that trunk up and load it. I still enjoy my trips to the thrift stores and can’t pass a garage sale without slowing down and leering at the folding tables of dishes and tchotchkes, desperately hoping to find something worthy of the three single dollars I have in my wallet. But the free trash is the best.

Here is one project I’ve completed with this bounty.


crib before | jslettering

DURING:crib 2PAINTED:crib 3 FINISHED (plus a boy with a weird cheese-face testing it out):

crib 4

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